Thailand and Pattaya info National Flag


Thailand’s national flag, ceremoniously raised each morning in every town and village, is composed of five horizontal bands of red, white, and blue.
The harmony of design expresses the complimentary nature of these three pillars of the Thai nation.

Red represents nation
White evokes religion.
Blue symbolizes the monarchy

Location : Thailand is situated in the heart of the Southeast Asian mainland, covering an area of 513,115 and extends about 1,620 kilometres from north to south and 775 kilometres from east to west.
Thailand borders the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and the Union of Myanmar to the North, the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Gulf of Thailand to the East, the Union of Myanmar and the Indian Ocean to the West, and Malaysia to the south.

Capital : Bangkok

Climate : Thailand is a warm and rather humid tropical country with monsoonal climate.
Temperatures are highest in March and April with average temperature of 28 degree Celsius to 38 degrees Celsius and humidity averaging between 82.8 percent to 73 percent
Seasons : Dry : March to May, Rainy: June to October, Cool: November to February

Population : The population in Thailand is approximately 66 million, of which around 6 million live in the capital city, Bangkok.
Language : The national and official language is Thai while English is widely spoken and understood in major cities, particularly in Bangkok in business circles and touristic places.
Business Hours : Government and business offices are open from 8:30 to 16:30 hours, Monday to Friday.
Electricity : 220 volts 50 cycles throughout the country.

Emergency Calls Thailand :
Mobile Police: 191
Fire Brigade: 199
Tourist Information (TAT Head Office): 0-2694-1222 ext. 1000-1004, 0-2282-9773-6
Tourist Information (Airport Office): Terminal I : 0-2523-8972-3 , Terminal II : 0-2535-2669
Tourist Police: 195, 1155
Tourist Service Centre: 1155
Emergency Calls Pattaya :
Police Station Pattaya: 038 420 802-5
Tourist Police: 1699, 038 429 371
Fire Brigade Station: 199, 038 221000
Tourist Office Pattaya: 038 428 750, 038 429 113
Bangkok Pattaya Hospital: 038 427 751-5
Pattaya International Hospital: 038 428 374-5
Immigration Office: 038 429 409

Credit card Lost or Stolen
American Express: 02 273 5544
Diners Club: 02 238 3660
Master Card: 1333, 02 2645 5555
Visa Card: 02 263 2091

What to do in pattaya aera ?

From Apartment-pattaya you can start many activites such as:

Wat Phra Yai :

Gem Factory Shop, Museum and Tour :

Three Kingdoms Park :

Wat Yannasang Wararam Woramahawihan :

Three Kingdoms Park :

Buddha Mountain (Khao Chi Chan) :

Pattaya Beach :

Jomiten Beach :

Koh Larn :

I ‘m sure you will fund the activity who suit for you,  yours friend’s and familly.