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Pattaya Preconstruction Condos has been experiencing tremendous real estate development in every price range in the market.

To fully understand the opportunity in preconstruction projects in Pattaya and to avoid the pitfalls of the Pattaya real estate market.
New construction projects, commonly referred to as “pre-construction condos” are rising in every area.

There are many different types of buildings; ranging from two story  to 44 story waterfront high-rises…

Whether you want an affordable studio apartment in the Jomtien area or a penthouse in the sky of pattaya…no matter what price range, level of amenities and services, or location one desires…it can be found in pattaya area.


Pattaya Preconstruction Condos is dedicated to helping you sort through the hundreds of potential Pattaya preconstruction real estate opportunities to find just the right situation to fit your goals. To that end, we try to describe the development phases that each preconstruction project goes through and the different ways to take advantage of the appreciating pattaya real estate market.


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The primary benefit of investing in preconstruction condo projects is that it offers the purchaser the ability to leverage a large asset with a relatively small amount of money (typically 10 to 20%) and enjoy the real estate appreciation of the property over time without the carrying costs, such as interest and taxes.

Why buy a preconstruction unit when I can buy one that is available now?

By purchasing at pre-sale you are able to leverage your down payment and control 100% of an appreciating asset with a small (20%) investment. Many people have purchased preconstruction condos and have sold their units for a profit even before the building is completed.


On What floor and what size unit should I buy?

If you are expecting to close and live in the residence then you should select the view and floor height that will appreciate most over time as well as one that you will enjoy living in. The higher floor with unobstructed views are the best.
If you are in an urban environment, a one bedroom for single tenants may be best.
In a suburban neighborhood, two bedrooms are often better because they attract couples without children, single parents with a child or singles with a roommate.

If you plan to sell your condo purchase for a profit as quickly as possible then the least expensive unit on the lowest floor (typically studios and one bedrooms) have shown the highest percentage of return based on previous condominium resales.

Take advantage, and get a unit before price increase, Contact us now !

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